Life On Earth

Life on Earth

Life on Earth

The apparitions pass as vision

through a prismed glass

from which we drink


never knowing that which comes next

for forever and a day

until that final recognition

bitter sweet



Until then we are entertained

watching the show

bemused and titillated

with a modest paranoia

first sign of awareness


how has all this come to pass

what’s going on

so obvious we are afraid to look

perhaps too late to understand

the players

kings and queens  who’ve shrugged the weight of crowns

adorned with yachts and helicopters

wealth beyond imagination.


Politics American

games played by millionaires

we look without much choice

beyond diversions given


divert attention

while they  pick our pockets

clean out anything that’s left

whatever freedoms

savings, property or promises as yet not repossessed.

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Education in USA

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Willie Nelson’s Birthday


Excerpt From: Writer’s Almanac

It’s Willie Nelson’s birthday. Born in the small farming community of Abbott, Texas (1933). He was raised by his grandparents and aunts during the Great Depression, and earned his keep by picking cotton. His grandfather gave him his first guitar and music lessons. After high school, he supported himself going door to door selling Bibles, encyclopedias, vacuum cleaners, and sewing machines.

At night, Nelson wrote songs and performed at honky-tonks with names like the County Dump and the Bloody Bucket, where the performers had to be shielded by chicken wire from flying cans and bottles. In 1959, he wrote “Night Life,” a song that was eventually recorded by more than 70 artists and sold over 30 million copies. He only made a $150 from the song, because he sold the copyright, but he used that money to buy a second-hand Buick, and he drove in that Buick to Nashville, hoping to become a country music star.

He spent the next decade writing songs for other country singers, like the song “Crazy” (1961), recorded by Patsy Cline. He grew increasingly frustrated by the music industry, and by 1971 he had divorced his second wife and lost his investment in a failed pig farm, and his house had burned to the ground. He went back to Texas and started recording his own albums. In 1975, he recorded Red Headed Stranger, a concept album about a preacher on the run after murdering his wife and her new lover. At the time, many country singers were backed by orchestras and backup singers, but Nelson recorded the album with just his acoustic guitar and a few other instruments. No one thought it would be a hit, but it sold millions of copies, and inspired a traditional country music revival.

Nelson’s memoir, It’s a Long Story: My Life (2015), came out last year. In it, he writes: “[Songs] are mysterious gifts. I know they are born out of experience and genuine grief […] The deepest songs expose vulnerability. They strip me bare and leave me amazed.”


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KATTISH – Loss of Amber


Amber with flowers

No lap kat she

an independent breed

no less companion

hung around . . . nearby

ten years.

Amidst the dark of this last night

no more

left earth as softly as a shadow

gone forever

leaving this exquisite pain of loss

decade of memories

much easier to hold.



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Street Doctor – China 1981

China Doctor - NameStill looking through old 35 mm slides.

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Amber & Ellie – 4 A Blue Ribbon Day

Ellie RibbonPractice pays off.  I won three ribbons today. Best Bitch! They got that right. I am so happy, and a bit tired. It’s not easy being a show dog. I suppose Hollywood will be calling before long, and glamour magazines. Amber will probably be jealous, but that’s show biz.

Ellie RibbonsI got a big kiss from the houseman.

Ellie Kiss 2

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Amber & Ellie – 3


Ellie Haircut  AI have to tell you what happened today. I was taken to the beauty parlor . . . again. I don’t mind too much, but the catty remarks start to get to me after a while. “She needs more hair on her legs,” the stylist said. Can you believe it? Tell me girls, which one of you wants more hair on her legs?


Ellie Woried  AThis whole trip makes me nervous. It can only mean one thing. Another beauty pageant and I’m not sure I’m ready. Amber says I’ll be okay, but what does she know —just cat. I’ve been nervous all day, but trying to chill out.


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