Surfing Facebook – Treadmill

Facebook Surfing







I have stumbled on

A home-made movie

Smiling dad

Stands tall behind a treadmill

And his five year old

His daughter on the treadmill

Jogging happily below his sought approval

Beaming as she learns her first bad habit.

“Watch this,” Dad says as he speeds treadmill up

Then slows—speeds up again with rapid changes

As he sprints, then walks and loses balance as the pace is changed

But regains poise without a stumble, keeping up with pride.

Dad is delighted, proud of what she’s learned.


I want her off of that machine

Onto the grass and trees

Let her feel free

Wind in her hair un-fan blown

Sun—no artificial lights.


And please God . . . Father

Without cell phone

Just one early moment in her life

Beyond the call of electricity and metal

No addictions

Only time in motion

Without goals, logged minutes—distance charted

Hours spent on treadmills

Let her find that for herself

Or not.


©Bruce Louis Dodson – 2017

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Another Postcard From Smoothy

smoth-looks-at-eI’ve been trying to get Ellie to write the next chapter of Bitch From Borläng, but it’s hopeless. All she wants to do is sleep or go out and play in the snow. She’s such a primadonna, sleeping below her ribbons and dreaming of fame and glory I suppose.

smooth-looks-at-e-2-fixedHmmm. She’s starting to come around.

ellie-and-smooth-fixedAwake at last. “No time to write,” she says. “I’ve got to go to an important training session now. Maybe tomorrow.”

Right. Don’t hold your breath!

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The Bitch From Borlänge – Comment from Smoothy



What? My turn to write for Bitch of Borlänge again? No way. It’s Ellie’s turn.

I did Chapter 8. I was on my way to check out the cat show with Willie The Rat.

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Postcard From Ellie – December 2016


dog-face-2Sticking my Nose In


Postcard from Ellie

Wishing you all—even kats, a happy and successful New Year. I know it’s my turn to write a chapter of ‘The Bitch From Borlänge’, but I’ve been busy at the fur-dressers, and getting my nails done, and practice—always practice. I’m anxious for the 2017 round of contests. I feel totally ready to be on stage again.



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Changes in Sweden – Coming in 2017

Taken from:     29 December 2016

Photo: Per Wahlberg/TT

Internationals will be more likely to be out of work

In a less positive development if you’re an immigrant like many people at The Local, the coming year is set to see foreign-born residents make up 60 percent of unemployed in Sweden, while the jobless rate for Swedes sinks at the same time.

The figures come from Sweden’s Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) in their labour market forecast, which shows that while unemployment among Swedish-born citizens aged between 16 and 64 will soon drop from 7.5 percent to around 6.6 percent, for foreigners, it’s expected to increase.

So while currently around 50 percent of unemployed people in Sweden are originally from abroad, they will soon make up the majority, as the number hits 60 percent in 2017. It’s thought the rise is linked to rising migration.

Gee, you think?

The process of bringing back conscription could begin

Readers born between 1999 and 2000 may want to pay attention to this one. Earlier this year a Swedish government inquiry recommended that compulsory military service should be reintroduced in the country in an effort to plug gaps in the Armed Forces.

The proposal, released on September 28th, has been put out to a four-month consultation process, and if it goes ahead, young men and women will be asked to complete questionnaires for future recruitment to the Armed Forces from July 1st 2017 onwards.

Those selected from the questionnaire data would then be obliged to complete basic military training from January 1st, 2018. It is estimated that 4000 newly trained soldiers will be needed that year, and the number of people called to obligatory service will depend on the volume of standard recruits available.

Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Self-driving cars will appear in Gothenburg

It sounds like something from science fiction, but self-driving cars are genuinely planned to be on the streets of Gothenburg at some point next year. Swedish car maker Volvo has been testing them in the city since 2014, and aims to roll the first 100 out to consumers both in the western Swedish city and in London in 2017.

“How will you use the extra time you’ll have when your car starts to drive itself? Relax with a newspaper? Meet those last-minute deadlines?” asks Volvo on its website. “Worrying about being in a self-driving car,” sounds more likely, at least initially.

The idea is that they will be safer than the current generation of standard, human-driven cars, and with scrutiny likely to be high in the early stages, we’ll certainly find out sooner rather than later. Something tells us the self-parking capacity will prove popular.


The Nobel Literature Laureate will finally make an appearance

Putting a certain US President-elect to one side, Bob Dylan may just be the most divisive American figure for Swedes in 2016. The songwriter became the first musician ever to win a Nobel Literature Prize earlier this year, and promptly responded by, well, not really responding at all, holding his tongue for weeks and making it difficult for the Swedish Academy which awards the prize to get in touch with him.

The elusive Dylan eventually formally accepted the prize a fortnight after it was announced, but when he subsequently explained that he would not come to the traditional December Nobel Banquet to accept it, critics of his reluctant response to the award only had more fuel for their fire.

Swedes will finally get to see their latest literature laureate in 2017 however, as he is booked for a set of concerts at the Stockholm waterfront venue on April 1st and 2nd, before playing Lund’s Sparbankens Skåne Arena on April 9th.

Whether he will also give his Nobel lecture during that period remains to be seen. The talk is a requirement for winners of the prize, and must be given within six months of it being awarded.

Photo: David Vincent/AP




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Postcard From Smoothy

smoothy-relaxI’ve been taking a rest after a very busy Christmas. There were trees to climb and boxes that needed to be explored – one never knows what might be in them. I plan to begin writing again after a few more naps. Not sure about Ellie. She got a haircut last week and is having her nails done today.

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Happy Birthday Jesus

I can’t help posting this again. If you’ve listened to it once, listen one more time and think about it.

Interesting . . . I think.

Hope it’s been a good Christmas for you, and have a good year coming.

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