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Sweden Week 3 – A

Progress: I now have my residence card and a library card which have enabled me to move a few centimeters away from non-existence. All that was known of me was left behind . . . my history and reputation, gone … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber – 35

Easter in Sweden, and here we are hiding in a closet. Do we get eggs? No. Extra snacks? No. I tell you, Amber, I can’t take much more of this.  It’s not so bad Bucks. Lighten up. They’re sure to … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – Easter

Part of Easter here is much like Halloween in the States. People dress up in costume. I was so surprised when two youngsters showed up at our door and gave us a little hand made card that said ‘Happy Easter’ and had … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – 2

Seven below today, under a cloudless sky. Incredibly bright- snow glaring brilliant. Comfortable with medium weight jacket. Half hour drive to buy things we can’t do without. Landscape and towns are snow washed, pristine clean. Feels good to breath.

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Springtime In Sweden

Glaciers of snow Slide down from roof tops Winter’s last grip Loosened by sunlight.

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Buck’s Breaking News

I can’t believe this. My many followers will remember my fear of the wind snake in Seattle, but you have to see the one here in Sweden. The house-woman was fighting with it this morning but was unable to kill … Continue reading

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Amber’s Opinion – 1

Well I simply have to jump in here. It’s high time I got more blog space. Where should I  begin? Bucks, I suppose. What is his problem? He keeps running on about catnappers. Give me a break. This place has … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – Cat’s Eye View

Marilyn asked me To share my view But there’s not much to look at I’m telling you true   From a window in Sweden I’m watching the dawn I used to live in Seattle But now I’m gone   Theres … Continue reading

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Sweden – Day 7

Money Matters Oh boy, does it ever, and we’re bleeding cash like financial hemophiliacs. So hard to keep from buying things that we need and already own but are at sea. Good, Bad and Ugly: Good – The Swedish kroner … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber 34

Bored In Borlange I can tell you what my observations are: Boooring! There is no here here – nothing to do. Just  empty rooms and windows. Everything looks white outside And inside I can’t find place to hide. Pain and … Continue reading

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