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Buckminster & Amber – 42

A number of you kool kats have been asking how I managed to pull off the old ‘Kat in a Drawer’ trick. I have decided to let the existing members of my fan club: Foxie, Amber & Gucci, in on … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – 27 April 2013

Bored  bemused in Borlänge This is our eighth week in Borlänge, Sweden. Still no furniture. Our ship has been delayed at the Panama Canal we are told. I’m getting calluses on my bum from living on lawn chairs. The shipping … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber – 41

He’s Gone! I can’t believe it. I can’t understand how he escaped. Certainly not in this bag. But I’ve looked everywhere. I can smell him everywhere. But he is nowhere to be found. It just can’t be. How could he … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden 24 April 2013

The days grow longer here As nights will follow Reddish glow Through spiderwork of leafless trees Longing for still more Sunlit hours Midsummer’s warmth.

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On Leaving America – 23 April 2013

In my hometown Well, actually Federal Way is not my home town, but after leaving San Francisco (also not my home town,) I lived in Federal Way for some twenty-four years. Federal Way does not have the best of reputations, … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – 20 April 2013

Details  They seem surprisingly pro American here, an almost admiration. I’ve seen U.S. flags on cell phone covers, Levi jackets (which cost twice as much here) pillows . . . even shoes. Almost everyone speaks English and often German as well. These skills … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber – 40

“I’ve got something to tell you, Amber.” “What?” “I’ve decided to go to France. We have ancestors there.” “You’re tripping, Bucks. That was lifetimes ago. Where do you think they might be now?” “In the catacombs of course. It’s a … Continue reading

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