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Observing Sweden – Metric

I’ve had more than one problem With Swedish electric But none is so constant As dealing with metric. There’s meters and liters And Celsius degrees I’ve learned that it’s zero When things start to freeze. The voltage here’s different It’s … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – Culture Shock – Part 1

I’ve been in Sweden for six months now, half a year. Time to take stock . . . review. There has been minor progress. I now have a doctor, and a dentist, (more about health care later).         Driving is … Continue reading

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Cleaning out My Docs today and found this, must be from ten or fifteen years ago. No idea who created or where I saw it, the New Yorker maybe. WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD? GEORGE W. BUSH We … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber – The Bucks Part 5

The Bucks     Part 5   That next week Ambette heard about the sale and as you might expect, demanded piece of the action.            “I’ll give you a thousand sardines,” he told her, “tinned. I only got ten thousand for … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden 19 August 2013

The Sleep of Reason We went to another historical event in Säter this weekend. The last asylum, opened 1912, closed 1967. Inmates fell into three categories: the calm, the unreliable, and the dirty and dull. The good, the bad, and … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber 71 – The Bucks Part 4

There was this fat kat the called, Count Tolstoy, an overweight Persian who was very rich. I’d bumped into him at Theater de Varieties. Count Tolstoy “Monsieur Buckminster,” he regaled me. “Oh, it is so fortunate we have met at … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden 12 August 2013

I spent some time at History Week this Saturday, small town called Sätre, twenty klicks from where we live. A village fair where time goes back 100 years, people dress up, folk dances, music, horses. First stop was a folk … Continue reading

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