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Cat Poem

By Charles Buckowski My Cats   I know. I know. they are limited, have different needs and concerns. but I watch and learn from them. I like the little they know, which is so much. they complain but never worry. … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber – Bucks Talks About Nothling

Exploring the Feline Brain. I’ve looked at Amber’s blog, her Swedish art thing, and it’s nice if you’re into paintings and such. I much prefer TV, watching the colors move . . . And yes. I understand what’s going on. … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber – Catwalk – An Esthetic Tour

A Review of Swedish Art I’ve been living in Sweden for some time now and have been thinking about the art I see around the house. I should start by telling you there are no kat pictures, which is odd, … Continue reading

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Bucks on Break

  Some of you have complained that my magnum opus, ‘The Bucks,’ is still missing the final chapter. The truth is I needed a break. I mean, hard work is something kats are simply not into. So, I am having … Continue reading

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Photo by Niki Feijen

Niki is an urban explorer, interested in abandoned places. Some really nice photos at:

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Black and White Photomontages

Black and White Photomontages.

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The Bucks – Pumpkin

These things are so weird. The come around once a year, and then disappear after a few weeks.  You can’t eat them. They are impossible to sleep on, and they don’t roll. Why are they here?

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