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Amsterdam Diary – Day 1

  I’ve gone to Hunters, my favorite coffee shop. Terry is still dealing at the drug bar, known him for four years now. Every summer I come back. Nice guy – from England, has been living/working here for years. It … Continue reading

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Amber’s Midsummer Complaint

  Vacation time again. I can’t believe it. They’re going to leave us here with nothing to do but sleep and eat. They never take us anywhere. Who’s going to do my nails, and hair, when they’re away? Not that … Continue reading

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Summer solstice is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of us in the north, today will be the longest day of the year and tonight will be the shortest night. The entire Earth is about … Continue reading

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Postcard from Buzios, Brazil

  Postcard From Brazil Yemanjá At night in Buzios warm sea breeze comes ashore caressing . . . sultry breath of oceans. Fishing boats rock gently on the dark horizon flashlights blinking in the distance from on board as crews … Continue reading

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Postcard From Benares, India

  BENARES Ganges early morning sun comes pale pink rising out of dust horizon long warm days before monsoon. Stone and concrete reflect the day’s new light gold temple tops cast daytime stars onto this timeless river people bathing, praying … Continue reading

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Amber’s Swedish History – Chapter 6

  1400 A.D. King Eric and Marageta were still running the show. After she died Erik continued his war with the Germans and created a toll for Germans passing through the sound. They responded by blockading all of Sweden. War … Continue reading

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Blind Howard and The Drunk

7 Haight Bus Tripping – San Francisco ’60s Blind Howard & The Drunk by Bruce Louis Dodson   I’m on the 7 Haight this morning, on my way to work. The pale-blue sky is streaked with pastel colors borrowed from … Continue reading

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Bucks Looks at Modern Art

  I’ve been checking out some more contemporary paintings and am happy to see many artists are devoting their lives to painting cats. This one is by Celia Pike. She’s more of a realist, but does very nice work. She … Continue reading

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