Pirene’s Fountain – Bushido Steel

My poem, Bushido Steel has been published in this new issue.

Pirene's Fountain
Pirene’s Fountain’s tradition of excellence in writing and thought continues in this special double-feature edition. Features, interviews, reviews, and brilliant works of poetry are brought together to inspire and nurture the creative spirit. The voices in Pirene’s Fountain create a meaningful and lasting dialogue for all lovers of exceptional poetry and writing.



About Bruce Louis Dodson

Bruce Louis Dodson is an American expat now living in Borlänge, Sweden with his wife, cat and dog. He is an artist and world traveler who writes fiction and poetry and practices photography in his less than copious free time. His work has appeared in: Barely South Review - Boundaries Issue, Blue Collar Review, Pulsar Poetry (UK), Foliate Oak, Breadline Press West Coast Anthology . The E-buffet, Qarrtsiluni, Struggle Magazine, Pearl Literary Magazine, Contemporary Literature Review: India, 3rd Wednesday, Sleeping Cat Books - Trip of a Lifetime Anthology, Northern Liberties Review, Authors Abroad - Foreign & and Far Away Anthology, The Path, Page & Spine, The Crucible, Sleeping Cat Books -Trips of a Lifetime, Vine Leaves, Pirene's Fountain,Tic Toc Anthology - Kind of a Hurricane Press, Cordite Poetry Review, Buffalo Almanac and mgv2.
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9 Responses to Pirene’s Fountain – Bushido Steel

  1. Well done, Bruce, well done indeed!

  2. Congratulations Bruce, it looks a beautiful publication.

    • bldodson says:

      Thank you.
      Yes, it is very nice. I’m so impressed. My copy came gift wrapped in blue tissue paper with a nice ‘thank-you’ card.
      Cost them $18 to mail it from the States.
      It is a beautiful edition – costs $14 – yuk. Who buys these things?

  3. authorjim says:

    Way to go, Bruce! Keep it up.

  4. Congrats, Bruce. An achievement that must lift you higher than the Swedish language classes. Don’t stop writing.

  5. Cyn Harris says:

    Congratulations…who buys these things…one of my co-workers buys every poetry journal, book, etc. he can find.

    • bldodson says:

      @ Cyn
      I suspect he is an unusual person. I confess don’t have a single friend who reads poetry.
      Bless his crooked little heart! Sort of lonely here in Sweden.

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