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Scrap Iron Experiments – 3

String Beams

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February Coming up

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Observing Sweden – 27 January 2015

  Saw this on Facebook today and can’t resist posting a part of it. Topics: Books, What to Read, Nonfiction, Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, social democracy, Travel, Entertainment News (Shown Above) Emmet Brickowoski in “The Lego Movie”, ABBA, … Continue reading

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Scrap Iron Experiments – 2

Needing a name for this one. Contributions welcome. Any thoughts?    

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Scrap Iron Experiments – 1

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Krishna Statue

Krishna Image – Sai Baba Ashram – Whitfield, India  1986  

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Paris 1962 Negs

Still trying to save these 120mm negs. Not much luck with these two. No idea what part of the city they are from. Does anyone have a guess? Click on photos to enlarge.

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Massawa, Eritrea – 1962

I found an box of 120 mm film negatives from 1962 last week. They were taken when I was in the Army, stationed in Eritrea, East Africa, and on travels in Jerusalem, Paris, and Germany. I’ve been going nuts trying … Continue reading

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Vine Leaves

New issue of Vine Leaves #13 (On Line) came out today. See my collage “Life on Earth” page 47. Issue 13: A fresh outlook Vine Leaves rings in 2015 with fresh perspective, fresh opportunities, and fresh talent The New Year … Continue reading

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Amber & Ellie – 2

I had a short conversation with Ellie today – not easy. She has the attention span of a gerbil on crack, but this was one of her rare lucid moments. She seems doggedly determined to be a show dog. I … Continue reading

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