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Ganja Sadhu – 3

Puri, India – 1985

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Ganja Sadhu 1- Kathmandu 1985

Ganja Sadhu   Pashupatainath – Near Kathmandu  1984

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Elephants Snorkeling – Sri Lanka

Elephants Snorkeling  

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Kowloon – 1984

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Chungking Mansions – Postcard From Kowloon – 1984

  Chungking Mansions Third world Casa Blanca smell of spices and fried foods rise from a first floor farmers market jewelry on the cheap watches and cell phones might last for a week three if you’re lucky. Labyrinth of aisles … Continue reading

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  Painting by Tokiwa Mitsunago   12th Century Bystanders An ancient Jew Auschwitz survivor on TV last night admonished “Do not be a bystander.” Profound advice the only requisite unbridled willingness to have your ass kicked take the risk potential sacrifice … Continue reading

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