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Ganja Sadhu – 3

Puri, India – 1985

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Ganja Sadhu 1- Kathmandu 1985

Ganja Sadhu   Pashupatainath – Near Kathmandu  1984

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Elephants Snorkeling – Sri Lanka

Elephants Snorkeling  

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Kowloon – 1984

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Chungking Mansions – Postcard From Kowloon – 1984

  Chungking Mansions Third world Casa Blanca smell of spices and fried foods rise from a first floor farmers market jewelry on the cheap watches and cell phones might last for a week three if you’re lucky. Labyrinth of aisles … Continue reading

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Swedish For Immigrants – Update 10 February 2015

On my way to class – 7:45 a.m. Dome in far background is huge shopping center, a Borläge landmark. Days are getting lighter longer now, thank God. The roundabouts were scary in the dark with snow on the ground. We’ve … Continue reading

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Burroughs Birthday – 5 Feb

Taken from Writer’s Almenac: It’s the birthday of the novelist William S. Burroughs (books by this author), born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1914. He didn’t like his wealthy St. Louis community, and he didn’t like Harvard. He kept a … Continue reading

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  Painting by Tokiwa Mitsunago   12th Century Bystanders An ancient Jew Auschwitz survivor on TV last night admonished “Do not be a bystander.” Profound advice the only requisite unbridled willingness to have your ass kicked take the risk potential sacrifice … Continue reading

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