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Observing Rome – The Coliseum

The Romans started building the Colosseum (It) in 70 AD and are still working on it. Thousands waited in line to get in when it was finished. Thousands are still waiting to get in – as difficult now than it … Continue reading

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Observing Rome – The Trip

It wasn’t easy. First, two hours by train to Stockholm, then a two hour wait for plane to Zurich and another two hour ride followed by a two hour wait for the plane to Rome. We were both a bit … Continue reading

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Observing Rome – 1

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Observing Sweden Driver’s License – Step 3

  The Slippery Road Test Last week I passed the slippery road test. I turned out to be far easier than I expected. I’d thought the diagram below was saying you you had to do the slalom both forward and … Continue reading

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A “Teardrop” shed in Remembrance of – 9/11 – A Gift from Russia

Originally posted on Life in Russia:
Tear of Grief This morning while scrolling through picture after picture on Facebook, I contemplated, where was I on that fateful day. On Sept. 9th, 2001 I remember stepping out of my apartment to…

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Storm Cycle 2014

Got my copy of Storm Cycle 2014 in the mail today. A magnum opus. Really nice. My poem page 98. Made my day.

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Something’s Going On Here!

Something’s going on here! I don’t do blogs often. I’m in training three or four hours a day and don’t have a lot of free time, but I have to tell you this because it’s so weird. Yesterday a bunch … Continue reading

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Digging Up Bones – Jerusalem 2 – 1963

Does anyone recognize this one? Also 1963. Might be Jerusalem, possibly Jericho? (Click to enlarge)

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