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Observing Sweden – 2 Photos

Sweden – Two PhotoThese were taken at the Sing Fest here. It’s a big deal. Thousands attend, to listen to musicians on stage and sing along (Allsång på Skansen)  for three hours. Swedes love it. It rained steadily for two … Continue reading

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Ellie’s Diary 30 August 2016

Well, you’re probably wondering how I did at last week’s contest. This was my first big city contest—Stockholm. You will not believe what happened. I was disqualified! I can’t believe it. I was doing okay, going through the routine: sit, … Continue reading

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Ellie’s Diary – 27 August 2016

Well, here it is Saturday and another beauty contest coming up. I’m having a bad hair day and can’t really say I’m ready for this competition, but that’s show biz. It’s been a stressy week with a new kat in … Continue reading

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Ellie’s Diary – 22 August 2016

Smoothy has arrived! This photo was taken at our first meeting. It was quite exciting actually. He seems like a good kat, though a little frantic if you want my opinion. He’s running all over the place and the worst … Continue reading

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Madam C. J. Walker – The First In America, African American Millionaire

Originally posted on ChinGum:
Madam C. J. Walker is also known as Sarah Breedlove. And she was African-American businesswomen, philanthropist, and politician and public figures. And she was the first woman in America, who has become a millionaire and one…

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Ellie’s Diary – 20 Aug 2016

                      We’re getting a cat today. I am so excited!!!

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Charles Bukowski’s birthday

Taken from: Writers Almanac Today is Charles Bukowski’s birthday. about competition by Charles Bukowski the higher you climb the greater the pressure. those who manage to endure learn that the distance between the top and the bottom is obscenely great. … Continue reading

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