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Postcard From Smoothy 15 November 2017

Postcard From Smoothy Some of you may have wondered why I haven’t written much lately. I am posting these photos to show you what’s been going on. A typical day: I was taking a peaceful floor nap when I was … Continue reading

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Gossip Mirror – Stockholm

I came across this gossip mirror in Stockholm this summer. These were used to talk with neighbours before cell phones—telephones? Not sure how old this mirror is. The window next door has a duplicate mirror facing this one. Occupants could … Continue reading

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Military Industrial

It’s all about selling weapons. Sweden, one of Europe’s few remaining neutral states, will spend $1.3 billion on U.S. missiles to shore up its defenses in the face of Russia’s military resurgence. Stockholm will pay 10 billion krona for the U.S.-made … Continue reading

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