Postcard from Ellie – 14 June 2016

I had another successful show this week. Two ribbons the first day, one for being best young Wheaten Terrier, (red with yellow stripe)  which was easy because I was once again  the only young Wheaten Terrier. The purple on was for being a good looking hound.

Ellis ribbon 11 June 2016

The second day I got the blue ribbon which was the first step (one of three) on the way to champion status.

Ellie Blue Ribbon 12 June 2016I also competed in a more difficult contest, but I was nervous and it took too long for me to settle down. The competition was mostly older dogs who already knew their tricks and some of the bitches kept barking at me, which threw me off my game. This was a bit disappointing as I so want to be known as more than a pretty face. But that’s show biz. Another contest this Saturday.