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On Leaving America – Part 15

Digging Up Bones – Part 4 Time Magazine Staff Letter Re: Haight Ashbury & Hippies [Page 2 of 2 Pages] IN SAN FRANCISCO MANY WORK AS POSTMEN (AND WILL WANT THAT STRANGE SIGHT DESCRIBED) BUT . . . WHAT ELSE … Continue reading

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On Leaving America – Part 14

Digging up Bones – Part 2 Still sorting through my files – hard copy. More old photos spill and flutter to the floor. One of my dad is I haven’t seen in years. It’s dated 1929 – Aruba, an island … Continue reading

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On Leaving America – Part 13

Packing – Part B Digging up Bones Papers and journals, notebooks, documents . . . certificates And note books I do not keep notes Except when I traveling India, Brazil, Berlin – wherever This black notebook in my hand is … Continue reading

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On Leaving America – part 12

The Laws My wife is a psychotherapist and I’m helping her get rid of some books she will not be taking with us. Sometimes I scan them out of curiosity. From: Core Social Values Among Scandinavians From: Ethnicity & Family … Continue reading

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On Leaving America – Part 11

Permanent Resident I got an e-mail from the Swedish Embassy. I’ve been accepted as a ‘Permanent resident’ on the basis of 14 years of marriage the my wife. Thank God. That hurdle jumped—But . . . (You know something’s coming … Continue reading

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Crows They go unnoticed overhead Above the supermarket malls and cities Countryside Suburban fields and meadows Watching Airborne gangs dressed in black feather jackets Fearless wise guys with a raucous comment For the goings on below.               Published: Pulsar Poetry … Continue reading

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On Leaving America – Part 10 A

Packing Up Part 1 of 2 There are psychologic lists of stress factors, a sort of one–to-ten on various and arguable scales. ‘Death of a loved one’ always tops the list . . . Divorce is up there. There are … Continue reading

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