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Observing Sweden

A Night On The Town Big night out in Borlange, Sweden. Went to see my son law, Patrick, and his Heavy metal band – Civil War. I had expected this to be a labor of love. As you might guess, … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden Dala Horse

The Dala Horse is everywhere in Central Sweden, seen on curtains, rugs and key chains, lamps and pillows, paintings . . . . Horse carving here began with bored woodsmen during the long, dark winter evenings some three hundred years … Continue reading

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Before 1984

The Sixties: It’s interesting remembering ease dropping in the age before satellites and internet. Back then governments only spied on other governments, all governments – both friend and foe. I was in the Army Security Agency, stationed in Asmara, Eritrea … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber – 55

Hmmm . . . what to do? I take a leisurely karate swat at a pine cone and watch it fall. Direct hit on the Angel’s snoot, and wow! He’s gone berserk, jumping around like a gerbil on crack. I … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – Midsumer 2013

Photo above taken at 12 p.m. Summer solstice here tomorrow. It never gets dark and the Swedes go nuts. A good time is had by all. There will be celebrations. Giant Maypoles are slowly erected in what may well be … Continue reading

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Buckminster & Amber – 54 Amber Croft – Tale 1 Part 3

Amber Croft  A Cat of Nine Tales            Well, you know how Bucks is – big snake, no rattle. It was up to me save his tail. There wasn’t time to think twice about it. I found a laundry room … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden 18 June 2013 – Culture Shock

Wow. I’ve been on a honeymoon and didn’t know it. This transition has seemed so easy, but these last two weeks, something . . . . I thought it was just exhaustion. I’ve been packing and unpacking since March, and … Continue reading

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