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Intermission Photo – Hong Kong

Hong Kong – 1985 Pigs In Transit

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Amber’s Swedish History – Chapter 5

  The Black Death “Bring out your dead.” A ship from eastern England carried the plague across the sea to Sweden, in 1350. Sweden was the last kingdom to feel the effects. The humans avoided each other and most of … Continue reading

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Poem by Ellen Bass

  French Chocolates by Ellen Bass French Chocolates by Ellen Bass If you have your health, you have everything is something that’s said to cheer you up when you come home early and find your lover arched over a stranger … Continue reading

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Amber’s Swedish History – Chapter 4

  The Middle Ages The Swedish Middle Ages started in the eleventh century, but the Swedes didn’t know it was the Middle Ages. The term was invented by the Italians came up with that concept in the fifteenth century and … Continue reading

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Amber’s Swedish History – Chapter 3

  The Great Migration In the centuries following the birth of Christ everything was up for grabs. Some states disappeared, new ones took their place. Men were fighting each other everywhere there was enough room to swing an axe. The … Continue reading

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Bucks Reviews Bruno Liljefors

Bruno Liljefors was an artist from Uppsala, Sweden. He died in 1939 which is too bad because he was pretty good at painting cats. He was best known for his ability to show animals in their environment. Cat Basking in … Continue reading

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The Bronze Age 1800 to 500 BC Umm, where was I? Oh yes, dead people in holes. Well, by now they were burying them in dolmens, which were basically a stone box covered with huge piles of dirt dumped on … Continue reading

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Brazil – Same As It Ever Was

1991 Postcard From Rio De Janeiro MAGIC Bruce Louis Dodson 1985 Dusty candles stuck in cola bottlenecks along the curb sides Flicker nervously against the evening traffic Sea breeze flavored with the scent of ethanol exhaust and lipstick Humble altars … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – Amber Reads Swedish History

  I’ve been reading Swedish history this week. 1 to 1800 BC In the beginning there was nothing. Sounds sort of biblical doesn’t it? Sweden was just a big slab of ice and nobody was home until 14,000 years ago … Continue reading

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