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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic – 2005       Sugar Cane

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Poem by Louise Erdrich

Love this one! Saw it on Writer’s Almanac today. Spring Evening on Blind Mountain I won’t drink wine tonight I want to hear what is going on not in my own head but all around me. I sit for hours … Continue reading

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Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  –  2005

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Boudhanath, Nepal – 1985

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Prague – Sidewalk Scene

Saw this guy in Prague, 2005. He seemed to be doing very well for a dummy. Published: Quarrtsiluni 2011

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Amber’s Swedish History – Chapter 13

  Gustav The Great – Sweden Expands Gustav & Queen Maria Eleanora It looks to me like Gustav and Sweden were both expanding. The growth was very good for Sweden, maybe not so much for Gustav, but who knows. They … Continue reading

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The word “Easter” and most of the secular celebrations of the holiday come from pagan traditions. Anglo Saxons worshiped Eostre, the goddess of springtime and the return of the sun after the long winter. According to legend, Eostre once saved … Continue reading

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Herb Caen

  It’s the birthday of San Francisco columnist Herb Caen, born in Sacramento (1916) whose column in the San Francisco Chronicle began in 1938, when he was 22, the year after the Golden Gate Bridge opened. He continued writing 1,000 … Continue reading

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