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Swedish For Immigrants – Week 4 Cultural Insights

Immigrants: I am one! Weird . . . this strange feeling . . . But by learning Swedish, I’ll feel less a stranger. Must be so much easier for me than the Somalis, or the students who have come from … Continue reading

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Contemplations – 1

Contemplations – 1 I long ago labeled this blog: Fiction, Poetry, and Contemplations, but have not posted many contemplations. Too dangerous perhaps. I Googled the word: A transitive verb, “to think about something as a possible course of action.” Contemplation. … Continue reading

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Swedish For Immigrants – Week 3 – The Benifits of Class

The Benefits of Class One of 4 pages.   This is the end of my third week of my language class, and things have taken a nice turn. I got a good grade on a test, what would amount to … Continue reading

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Swedish For Immigrants – Week 1

I’ve started my Swedish For Immigrants class. There are ten of us. One from Vietnam, One from Gambia. The rest from Somalia. Teacher is not in love with me I fear. I do not fit her definition of a student. … Continue reading

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Berlin Wall

On this day in 1961 construction of the Berlin Wall began. Germany had been divided up by British, French, Soviet, and American occupying forces. The city of Berlin lay completely within Soviet territory, but it was divided. Soviet forces controlled … Continue reading

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Swedish For Immigrants – Week 2

  Holy Moley! The teacher is teaching in Swedish. I thought I was here to learn Swedish! There are four class levels of instruction: A, B, C & D. They have put me in the B class. I suspect this … Continue reading

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Observing Sweden – Language Classes – 1

Observations from language school – Swedish for immigrants. Somali Girls Rapt in the throes of teenage youth they frolic amidst sparkling laughter sharing secrets, observations late for class, they giggle walk with ghost-like flowing grace seem weightless as kaleidoscopic sheets … Continue reading

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Amber’s Lament

You’d think a fur coat would be good in Sweden. Not this summer! Like I’m barely surviving. I stay in my tree house most of the day and try to sleep through it. To make matters worse Bucks just told … Continue reading

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Surfer Girl

Writer’s Almanac posted this poem yesterday. I fell in love with it. Surfer Girl by Barbara Crooker   I’m walking on the beach this cold brisk morning, the bleached sea grass bending in the wind, when there, up ahead, in … Continue reading

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